Sexual Sin. 

Much of today’s pre marital affairs at one time were a result if one of the following. Of course there are exceptions like high immoral conduct, exposure to explicit content. However myths like… 

…. If you do not have sex, your hymen will become hard. 

….. If you don’t have sex, your private place will grow a bone. 

…. That your hinds (buttocks) and burst (breasts) will be underdeveloped. 

…. That you will not be a good wife. Really? Do we need all of these to be better at marriage? It’s not football, that you have to practice to be perfect. Has anyone ever established a marriage training college

Yes, Midwifery schools exist, ever Minor seminaries for the Catholic clergy exist. But school of marriage, these are all myths that people use on others to get the young into early sexual acts, thus leads them to sexual Sin and thus disobey God’s commands. 

I want to (in this post) discuss the dangers/consequences of sexual Sin, and how it will lead to death. 

Taking account of the Bible story of the life of Amnon, David’s son and Absalom’s half brother. (you must be familiar with these names already). His end was drawn so quickly the day he dragged Tamar, his half sister (Absalom’s sister) to bed – he committed incest. All sex done at the wrong time will end up with hurt and hate (2 Samuel 13:15 15  Then Amnon hated her exceedingly; so that the hatred wherewith he hated her was greater than the love wherewith he had loved her. And Amnon said unto her, Arise, be gone.) – He hated immediately the very person he had ‘loved’ and was sore verse 1 – 2. 

After Amnon slept with TAMAR, Absalom was very wroth but never told or even showed it to him for the next two years. You may sleep with that girl/boy and still feel like you still love her/him can even sleep again, and again… but then, gossip can set in, that boy will tell his friend that he used you, little girl they will be like, that girl also just because I sympathized and slept with her, now she is allover me – like am the only boy. And he could be speaking like that in front of someone who had intentions of marrying you, but that causes him to pull away quietly, [there is a biblical defense to this, in Matthew 1:20 while Joseph was espoused to Mary, before he even ever knew her, she was found to be with child. Joseph being a just man, with right intentions to marry her, decided he would pull out secretly, if it had not been that God sent His angel, Mary would not have got married and she would have been stoned to death, for unfaithfulness.] It is also apparent that apart from the other boy who had good intentions – to marry you, this very boy before he took you to bed could have promised to marry you, but because what he had always wanted from you, he got, why would he take you home, anymore, because what he wants he got – your attractiveness – before his eyes (yes you may never lose your natural beauty, but because he has seen you naked on his bed, his heart starts to loathe you). And he will rather have someone he has not seen – yet. And because he has access to what a man desires, sometimes a call away, you then become a quench mate, rather than a helpmeet – whenever he is burning you are available to cool him. 

Sadly, these things work differently, you will now even develop more love for the man (because you gave him your treasure Matthew 6:21 ) – and because the man doesn’t feel the same way, he is rather strange, even the behavior toward you changes. Tamar said this thing in chasing me away is worse than the first (ii Samuel 13:16). And as daily you try to get the man’s attention, he keeps ignoring you – frustration Sets in, anguish, guilt, wishes and you may eve speak to your friends “I wish I had not given in” but you did. You start crying – someone may comfort you, but the wound inflicted on you is unbearable, you wish you had not met him – but you already did and messed up, too. 
In most cases, after sex, relationships are broken. And because they are broken, gossip is already on going, the gainsayers are already busy with the ears that want every ‘I’ dotted and every ‘t’ crossed just for their itchy ears’ sake. The girl is frustrated, she loses appetite and weight and eventually hates God. (There are exceptions in every case, though. – the experts may not even feel bad – their heart and feelings have been crashed several times, so they may just live bodily. Am addressing saints of God who were deceived of Satan). Because her God-sent-husband-to-be, that she had opened up to has turned out to be a devil. And God will be accountable to her, God why did you permit this, if you are God really why didn’t you warn me earlier and yet all these questions seem to fall on deaf ears, so she decides to take to herself, leaves God behind and goes for revenge, either using African chemistry, or uses weapons to take the boy’s life. The papers have told us that a girl stubs lover over failed love, and they use law against her sentencing her to the same fate. – she dies. 
In the church, this same vice has also crept in. Just as theft or gossiping is sin, sex outside marriage is some kind of sin too. A sister after opening up to a brother with a hope that it would energize him to speed up the preparations for their marriage ends up disappointed and frustrated because he cuts communication especially now with this technology, he blocks her number that she can not call him at all. 

They then become restless and weary, and the people will speak and wonder what happened to the wedding and because all the reasons will become eminent, the church becomes a small place for her – she may move to another Assembly may even hook up a new marriage partner, but because words have a way of moving around, that on top of her official names she has a tittle, ‘second hand’ – there is one thing that godly young men do not want to know – the fact that the girl he has hopes in had an affair that failed. He thinks even with him it can still fail. She can be branded all sorts of names, 2nd hand, 2nd class…. And because she also is human who gets frustrated these words in sinking deep to her heart she will be overwhelmed and because at this point she has backslidden, left church, she does not have enough word of God to comfort, convict her to repent and turn to God, she can commit suicide and die. The boy is not immune either, because the feeling that he was primarily responsible for her leaving the church and later dying. Can be so heavy. 
So young man, why not avoid all of that but, before it happens. Here is the plan, believe on the Lord Jesus and thou shalt be saved. They that call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered. 

It’s hard to live a single faithful life but it is possible – with God. Get saved the right way. 

The solution is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. With evidence of speaking in other tongues. (Acts 2:4)
While confessing Christ in itself can do very little to help one overcome sexual Sin, or any other sin, the baptism of the Holy Spirit however can get the job done – with condition sanctification. 

Don’t permit Satan to use and dump you leaving you loaded with guilt and  frustration. You are beyond a sugarcane that is only useful when it still got water, after its chewed, the rest is dumped. 

As children of God it is good to live a life that conforms to the word of God. Be ye holy for I am holy Leviticus 11:45.
God bless you and help you keep your bodies holy and acceptable – a reasonable service. Romans 12:1-2.

Consider what I say, 2 Timothy 2:7 and the Lord give thee understanding in all things. 


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