​Photos That Should not appear On Your LinkedIn Profile. 

Such photos only one looks professional for your profile 

Professional sites such as this should be acted on professionally. .. Here are few tips to help you. 
If you have an appealing picture on your LinkedIn profile, then people would like to view your profile, say more than 8 times than the ordinary one.

Your profile image is going to reflect your professional image because it’s a professional network.

When employers visit your profile you should not fail to make a very good impression on their minds. To depict you in a positive way, have a professional profile image. 

You should not lose opportunities because of a casual or an unprofessional profile image.

Nobody cares about your past. The employer wants to know what you are like now. So you have to go for a profile image that is up to date than long years ago.

Don’t keep pictures of nights out, party pictures in your LinkedIn profile. It will help you to attract the recruiters. To be continued…