A Generation that knew not God – How? 

The mighty power of God parted the red sea 🌊 in twain. They saw the awesome miracle at the parting of the Jordan when the priests’ feet touched the water – when they forget all these great and mighty works. What happened, what did they miss? Was it true that there was no teacher? 

Is it that the teachers never taught the young people? How is it that there arose a generation that knew not God, with all the teachings from Moses, and Joshua and also those elders that outlived Joshua? 
God who at sundry times and in diverse manners spoke in times past unto the fathers by the prophets (Hebrews 1:1) and yet they did not take heed to those words. They never put them in their heart even when after God had warned them by Moses, that they would forsake God. Even when Moses was worried of them Deuteronomy 31:29th still could not take to heart.

Let not this generation think that because “God hath in these last days spoken to us” Hebrews 1:1-2) they will be any different. Well Jesus was a greater man than Moses but the latter was a type of the former. Jesus was who Moses ‘typed’ in the wilderness. 

We are under grace, we are not under the law any more. The law was done away with at Calvary. Yet they still know that once a person has been caught with something that’s not originally theirs. They say he stole and they hurriedly want to lynch him, why because they still believe that thou shalt not steal. That is the eighth commandment which was given to the Israelites by Moses in the holy mount – it’s God’s law – moral law. 

They say the law was done away with, do you commit adultery and go scot free? If you are caught they will kill you or charge you. That moral law of God’s commandments is still in effect. 

In Uganda an ungodly man has been implementing one of God’s laws (whether knowingly or unknowingly, (Deuteronomy 23:24 When thou comest into thy neighbour’s vineyard, then thou mayest eat grapes thy fill at thine own pleasure; but thou shalt not put any in thy vessel.) he owns sugar cane plantations at/in Kakira, anybody who is hungry can branch into the garden of sugar cane Plantation, eat all he can but should never carry out a piece. And God has blessed him. 

But you find the Christian of today he thinks God’s law has been done away with – they can dress how they want to they can act how they want to and with a smart Aleck attitude just wimp away saying God sees my heart he is not so much as bothered with my appearance as He does with my heart. Yet Paul in his first letter to Timothy warned the women that they be adorned modestly (1 Timothy 2:9-10)

There is simply no way of telling anyone that the bird 🐦 in your hand is actually alive till they can see it moving. A Christian is usually seen by their actions and not necessarily by what they say. Ever wondered why people are always bothered by people who speak well of themselves (they say that don’t blow your own trumpet)? Did you ever imagine that we are not meant to call ourselves Christians, it is others who are meant to call us Christians. 

Acts 11:26b and the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch. Why? Because they saw the lifestyle of these people for a whole year they lived like Christ lived acted like Christ did and they just concluded that these are Christians. And here you come wanting to tell us the appearance doesn’t matter the law was abolished? (I am beginning to doubt the Bible you read) 

God’s moral law still exists. It is only the ceremonial law that was done away with. That’s why we do not sacrifice sheep to attorn for our sins neither do we keep the Passover or the feast of weeks. 
These generation that came up that knew not  the Lord was a result of apostasy, after the death of the tough leaders that stood for God there crept in unawares men that were ungodly that didn’t care whether or not God was in heaven they were determined to go their way. That’s why it is a lot easier for men to live the way they want never following the oracles of God but yet expect people to call them saved, rather Christians. 
But like the scripture says there is always a remnant according to the election of grace. If you are loved of God, you will find your way out of the sinking sand and onto solid ground – The body of Christ on the face of the earth.

So what went wrong with these people that they never knew God (Joshua 2:10). Joshua had done his best to carry on the message he had received from his predecessor. The elders also that outlived Joshua had imputed somewhat of instructions to the people concerning the law of God. But why is it that there were such a people that were accustomed to doing evil (Jeremiah 13:23) these people were just hardened at heart, they were set continually to do evil. Knowing that there was no sentence from the Lord, even upon their wicked ways. Right was Solomon to say that ‘… hearts of men a fully set in them to do evil.’ Ecclesiastes 8:11.

Could it not be because they had lived in so much prosperity that when God would say the day you disobey me I will punish you and because it seemed slow in coming men was hardened ever more to continue in sin. Not really understanding what God meant by judging or giving them over to their enemies to reproach them. Their heart had forgotten that their God had slain some many in the wilderness, that their God had killed the whole household of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram!! 

They did not know God – how? Was not these an art of rebellion against God? Because if truly they just did not know God, probably that would have deserved a fairer dealing with them from God… but the following scriptures do not seem to point to that direction, it simply shows that God was dealing with a rebellious attitude. 

In our time today, we have a bunch of Christians so called full in church houses singing a way every service – they pray away their troubles – they look worse than the 19th century whore. But all they can say is God looks at my heart not my appearance. He knows that I love Him so much. Yet your appearance is as of an Harlot or of a gangster. God knows your heart, really? 

In Genesis 38:12-16 Judah went in unto his own daughter in-law – Judah would not have naturally done such a thing but because (Genesis 38:15 – when Judah saw her, he thought her to be an Harlot, because she had covered her face.) so dress real speaks a lot about you and your conduct and intentions too. If Tamar had not disguised herself, Judah wouldn’t have done such a thing. In these verses you can notice, the widow had her own apparel, just as a Harlot, too. 

So you want go on with your God-knows-my-heart attitude thing? Well, you go on but the facts are really clear, if your lifestyle does not portray what you mouth is speaking, I think it’s time you bought a new Bible. 

What happened to the people in Joshua’s day’s may well be part of us (I mean this generation) all you have to do is just watch. 
But our God is a God of remnants, as for me and my house Joshua said in chapter 24 and verse 15, we will serve the Lord. 


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