Touching Jesus is all that matters!

It’s important to touch the Lord in all services

Gospel Assembly Church International, Soroti

In the Soroti Assembly, when you think of someone who consistently touches Jesus during services, I doubt that I am the first person to come to mind. I am probably not even the tenth person to come to mind. So maybe I am not the best person qualified to write on the importance of touching Jesus in the Spirit. Even the Apostle Paul, while writing an epistle and giving direction as an Apostle stated that he was the “chiefest of sinners.” Even so, I still know how vital and important it is for a Spirit-filled child of God to feel the Spirit of the Savior on a consistent basis.

Touching Jesus is important personally, as a local church, and as a fellowship. There is an old saying in our fellowship that states, “The greatest thing you can ever do is worship God. The second greatest thing you can ever do…

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2 thoughts on “Touching Jesus is all that matters!

  1. Surely we need a touch from our saviour He is all we need,,, He provides everything when we call on His name and forever we will be changed. Glory to God


    1. Thus a true child of God reaches out to touch His presence. He never looks around and about, to see how so an so is praying, or to know how many people are reaching out to receive a touch. Amen.


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