20+1 things to make you a Lady or Gentleman


  1. Don’t drag your shoes or sandals while walking.
  2. Don’t yawn with you r mouth wide open in public.
  3. Don’t crush however much of a friend, the haste is to you.
  4. Don’t fight and fail to apologize
  5. Don’t use a toothpick to pick out your teeth after leaving the table
  6. Don’t yell out someone’s name in a crowd.
  7. Don’t chew gum in public especially with your mouth open.
  8. Don’t heckle at somebody addressing you.
  9. Don’t throw rude comments to people especially elders.
  10. Don’t use vulgar language.
  11. Don’t poke your nose where it doesn’t belong.
  12. Don’t clean your eyes in public.
  13. Don’t belch loudly and fail to ask for an excuse.
  14. Don’t cut your nails in public.
  15. Don’t sneeze without covering your nose or mouth.
  16. Don’t remove your shoes amidst people. Or being addressed on any occasion.
  17. Don’t stare at people, it’s rude.
  18. Don’t point fingers at people even if you are passing a positive comment.
  19. Don’t pick your nose in public.
  20. Don’t sit in a posture that inconveniences those next to you.
  21. Don’t dot every ‘I’ and cross every ‘t’ just because there is someone who has nose problems.

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