What makes one strong and successful spiritually, morally, and physically?


Many things are good but not all things are necessary. Paul the Apostle made a like statement in his letter to the Corinthian church, He said, I quote “All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient…” Everything else can be good in a way to support life, to keep healthy and to even stay focused, but not all things are necessary, just because something is good does not make it necessary or important.

All good things are on scale. Taking for example, a boy got 70%, another 79% and the other 93%. They all did well but they all are scaled up in grades, one was good, the other was better and obviously the other was the best. Now in general they all scored well but there was an emergence of the best.

So Paul in 1st Corinthians 6:12 was continuing to say, “… All things are lawful to me but I will not be brought under the power of any.” Meaning not everything good is acceptable. The same Apostle was admonishing a group of people who was gathered at Rome, he told them in one of the letters he wrote through a secretary, Romans 12:2 he in this scripture was telling them the necessity of weighing things on a three scale balance. Good, acceptable, and perfect will of God.

Eating is good, and it could be even in the perfect will of God, but is it acceptable to eat when the rest of the people fasting just picture this people are in the brim of a dry fast then you pulled out that delicious chicken thigh.

Or dancing, it’s good to dance, it’s even acceptable but not in a funeral. Not to belabor the point: but to be strong spiritually, morally and physically, these are key….though not the whole but a section of the many.

  1. Prayerfulness, honesty, loyalty, Dependency, living by honest means
  2. Faithfulness begins with small things, keeping your promises, doing the mathematics well on the job, bringing back those small balances from the grocery shop list.

A faithful person never always complains even in the midst of trial, because s/he is true to their word.

  1. Everything doesn’t depend on God. Knowing this will help one to work, because for the world to be created, God took the initiative to make it, thus he worked. So if you want to succeed or be strong, know for sure there is human activity. God is sovereign man is responsible (1st Corinthians 3:9a we are laborers together with God…

Balance should be struck, don’t do the impossible because you are working. Know what is helpful (expedient) and the rest. Life is lived one day at time. Don’t go worrying about tomorrow, as though you had an appointment with the day next.

Are you well today? That settles the matter, tomorrow has enough worry of itself. (Matthew 6:34).

  1. Man is basically important; to succeed learn bit of patience, being impatient is like the radio advert, you have a headache, you swallow hedex, a soundtrack away you are alright like you had no ailment a while ago… that is wishful thinking. You plant wheat it might take a whole 5 months or even more before you can harvest. But because you want a salary, you keep working. Trusting that the 31st of that month will come so you can go shopping or on the holiday – patience pains but it pays.
  2. Another way to progress is setting up commandments or better still laws that you should follow.
    Just like a king does not go to battle without first planning. But a man not having plans is not a way to succeed. Rules like every morning I should have a prayer to usher me into the day. I should eat lunch at such and such a time. And when you are strict to follow those laws, your day will not be encumbered, you will be stress free, because after a while, you will be the nest iPhone7 because your life is preprogrammed. Things will be smooth only requiring occasional upgrades.
  3. Proverbs 24:16. When you fall, rise up again. It takes a determination to continue. Don’t accept to fall completely. There is no assurance in giving up. Failure is not relegated to those who fall and rise up, it’s to those who fall and forget that they ever did fall.
  4. Keep records of successes and of failures too… if you don’t keep these records, it’s hard to keep track of how you are faring daily. You succeed, what was the reason, you failed, what was the reason, how do you get out of it?
  5. Supervise the work under your jurisdiction. Do planning having a bigger picture. Be innovative, use the several abilities God’s given you.
  6. Don’t be simple minded, evaluate capacity by thinking twice before you act once.
  7. Draw nigh to God, by improving your interpersonal relationships.
  8. Never spread your opinion about others to other people to make them carry your opinion of others.
  9. Never judge a situation before you analyze it. Similarly never judge a person before you hear them speak. What you know they have done might be propagated, and a lie, so listen keenly, think twice to act once correctly, lest your decision be a regrettable one.
  10. Always know your limitations to avoid making mistakes arising. When you know your problems you well know also how to act and ultimately react. Also know your eating habits, what is expedient, what to keep, and to discard. Know what food to eat at what age; don’t eat pork at fifty years of age.

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